Truck camping, fuck camping

Sometimes work was just too much. Honestly it was too much every single day, but Thursdays were the worst. Coming out of the office she decided she wasn’t going to walk back in on Friday, and if her mood didn’t improve over the weekend maybe not ever again.

There were more important things in life, like taking her beloved truck and heading into nature for the weekend. No assholes, no work, actually no proper reason to return to civilization for months until her savings were depleted. Not that it was expensive to live life on the road, with the truck paid for she could probably stretch those savings for a long time. A girl could dream, right?

And maybe not just that, after the week she’d been through turning that dream into a reality seemed like the smart thing to do, before she was forced to live the rest of her life in jail after killing a bunch of those assholes barehanded. She could clearly see herself hunched in the middle of dead co-workers – and the thought put a dark grin on her face.

Luckily there wasn’t much between her and freedom now, only a short train ride and grabbing some supplies she always had ready anyway. That in mind made the train ride among more assholes almost sufferable, even making her grin when the annoying suit with his headset stumbled on his way out and almost kissed asphalt.

And then, a mere hour after leaving work Betty also left her home behind, the gnarly tires kicking around pebbles and debris as she set off for the wilderness. The traffic jam out of town wasn’t remotely annoying, she loved floating through traffic and watching the sun slowly go down in the rear mirror. The constant honking was a bit annoying, but it would soon seize to exist as traffic eased up and the industrial areas turned into farm land. That was her favorite point on this road she had traveled so often, when this insane charade of modern life was behind her and the life she really wanted to live was in front of her. There were so many feelings swirling around inside of her, from freedom over relaxation to even a little bit of horniness.

It wasn’t exactly a secret she would spend like several hours masturbating and getting drunk in front of the fire later that day, and yet it filled her with excitement to think about it, anticipate the orgasm as much as the lazy cooldown phase afterwards and before the next one. There were things in life that were simply good with no way around it and orgasms were one of them for sure. Beer, too, and fires warming her soul as much as her body.

For a second Betty focused on traffic again, wondering why some people just insisted on driving slow when the road was basically free. A second later they were back in a mini-jam, cars piling up at an intersection that probably hadn’t seen that many cars all week. When they got rolling again a second later a flash thought crossed Betty’s mind, how in her truck she was sitting higher than 95 percent of drivers and there was really no way they would be able to see inside. At first she hesitated to follow through, it was one thing to masturbate while driving when it was dark outside but a whole different thing during the day. A mere second later her jeans button magically became undone though, and from there it was just a zip and shuffling her left hand under her panties before she had direct, unhindered access to her pussy.

She went slow at first, teasing her clit with circling motions and following the outlines of her pussy lips with her fingers while the truck ate mile after mile, careful to stay on the road while testing the limits her body could handle while driving.

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It felt incredibly great, this harmless fun no one would really take offense at even if she was discovered – and as long as she managed to avoid any accidents. When the miles on the odometer teased the fifty and the road opened up she became a little more reckless, forcing the occasional moan of pleasure out of  her lungs with increased speed. She only stopped when another truck was pulling out behind her, then immediately picked up as soon as it had passed.

There were lots of miles ahead of her, but little chance to get bored. With twenty to go she let her fingers dive into her wet pussy for the first time, deep and slow enough to make her bend in her seat with a surprised moan. It always amused her how something she had done thousands of times could still surprise her, but it always did.

She surprised herself some more, then decided it was probably better to ease off a little. Her body seemed to disagree with her mind though and she found it almost physically impossible to pull her fingers out. The world was a cold place, but the inside of her pussy was warm and welcoming and so she ceased to resist, pushing her fingers into herself and twisting them, exploring no longer uncharted territories with a lust for adventure she had deemed lost over the past week.

Part of her brain noticed her steering corrections becoming more erratic and between two lustful moans she managed a glance on the satnav and realized she was almost there in both regards. The rural road had turned into a forest road at some point and she had no idea when. She let out an embarrassed chuckle, still unable to stop fingering herself. With a sigh of resignation Betty pulled over to the side of the road, knowing she wasn’t able to survive the last few minutes without hitting a tree. Keeping the engine running she intensified her efforts, her other hand now free to massage her breasts, squeeze them like they needed and close her eyes to let herself fall into the darkness.

She came slow, an orgasm that announced itself long before it arrived but still managed to catch her by surprise. She was half bent over, her fingers half in and half out when the shivers caught her, bending her back and forcing the air out of her lungs in an embarrassing squeal.

When she opened her eyes and still barely saw anything she was confused for a moment until she realized the sun had fully disappeared behind the trees, the front lights all that illuminated the darkness. Caught in that well-known post-orgasm laziness she kept sitting there for another moment, then flicked the switch to turn her rooftop lights on and teased the gas pedal ever so lightly, eager to bring the last stretch of the way behind herself.