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awesome stuff happens in this picture. Too bad you apparently cant see it

Since I published the last comic I have managed to come up with a much better grasp of the story, managed to flesh it out a whole bunch from the assorted ideas I started with. I keep being surprised over just how much I enjoy making this comic now that I figured out the whole 3D workflow. For me the main distraction during my first try was that I was a) incompetent as far as drawing goes and b) it is slooooow. I can see the appeal for other artists in that I know how relaxing it can be to spend a lot of time on something but over time I have found that I lack the patience for anything that I know I could be doing more efficiently. Different pen strokes for different folks.

I hope you’re enjoying the ride so far, if you do and feel like helping me out I’d appreciate if you shared the comic pages on social media, tell your sister I said hi friends and family or whatever. Here’s a good idea: yell at random people on the streets, start off with some common knowledge like birds not being real and slowly progress over lizard people infiltrating the government right to NoirtyByNight being a good comic.