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awesome stuff happens in this picture. Too bad you apparently cant see it

After a long hard week I was more than happy to dive into the comic again, the whole process turned out to be just as much fun as drawing a comic by hand probably is to those who can draw. It’s super relaxing to plot out the story, pose characters and backgrounds, render and edit the images and come up with dialogue.

Right now I have this weird process where I have a broad idea for the dialogue, then make the comic page and only the very last step is actually coming up with the real spoken lines and it’s quite fun. Fun because it is slightly chaotic and leads to each comic changing from the original concept, I do however plan to get away from that as my written outline / plot / story progresses and becomes more refined. Right now I only have the major plot points (some at least) written down and am trying the top-to-bottom approach as I also come from the bottom up in that I’m already making individual pages. It’s fun.

Thanks to the feedback I have already received on the first two pages, there were some nuggets among them that I plan to implement into my workflow, layout and writing and of course thanks for the nice words that are quite motivating!