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awesome stuff happens in this picture. Too bad you apparently cant see it

Day 2, page 2! If I can keep that enthusiasm up for a while I might actually be able to create a backlog, not stress myself out with last-minute-late-night pages?!

I hope you enjoy the comic so far, I know there’s not too much going on thus far but I sat down today and wrote up an outline for the story in general and the first few strips in particular.

I want to say that the Photoshop actions / plugin I’m using to cartoonify images is pure magic. For comparison I thought it best to show you how the rendered image looks like and what the plugin makes from that without any extra work done on my part:


And the converted image:

Converted image

I think it’s safe to say that the render was unusable for any other purpose but I did that on purpose to test the limits of what I noticed the first time I used it. Just like with RAW image files it’s impressive what Photoshop can extract from an image that seems beyond rescue.

While this might seem like a minor thing it’s actually quite significant, shaving something like fifteen minutes off of every single image I render. Granted I can do other things in the time it takes to render something but that is just in that time between too short and too long that really doesn’t lead anywhere. This way I can make a full page in probably under an hour as long as I have an idea about story, framing, panels, dialogue, the works.