Noirty By Night

The night wasn’t young anymore, the first sliver of sun teasing the horizon and sleep had eluded me.

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Ellie Confidential

A few years on the job made anyone a cynic, insensitive to the horrors people were willing to inflict upon others. A few more years and each case had been there before. Maybe slightly different details, but the same nonetheless. They lacked the shock factor to keep working days and nights, sleep in squad cars and cut off another of Medusa’s heads when it was obvious two new ones would grow right away. 

A Bitch Over Troubled Water

The worst things always start with the best intentions. Had I known how much trouble this woman would bring, I just might have let her drown.

When Detective Martin Silac rescues a woman from an assassination attempt he has no way of knowing she is in fact a local underground figure. By the time he wakes up she is gone and Silac has half a mind to forget about her – but then bodies of her former associates start piling up and there is little question of who is responsible so their fates intertwine again.

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Coastal Desires

What use is cheating if your husband is okay with it? Heck, if he even likes to watch? No, that would never work. And in a weird way it is great that my husband is so uptight, it makes it so much better to know I am a bad girl and that he has the moral high ground.

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A Matter of Thrust

I like a good challenge as much as anybody, but everyone needs an easy chick in their lives.

Ellie is just what a cop needs after a month long case that has pushed everyone to their limits. Easy, the remedy of many a cold, lonely night and just as desperate for warmth as he is. Even in the middle of the night she won’t ignore him, won’t shut him out and instead let him inside in all meanings of the word.

Every Death Matters

Every death matters, or at least that’s what we tell the press. Truth is some just don’t. The homeless burnt to death is a cold case when his remains are still smoldering and two cops breaking up a weapons deal wasn’t going to occupy IA for long either.

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Motel Blues

No problems ever get get solved in roadside motels, they are places where everyone ends up rather than staying by choice. Sometimes though two lost souls drift alongside for a while, their lives intertwining for a night before everyone follows their own journey again.

The journey to the outskirts is a long one, but the potential arrest makes it worth the drive. A roadside motel offers shelter for the night, a wasted night until two fates intertwine.

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