Empty Roads

Freedom meant different things to different people, some equaled it to monetary success and others to power.

To Helen nothing was more pure than an empty road at night, asphalt under her wheels and wind creeping through her helmet. Being far past a healthy bedtime, every burden on her mind left behind and nothing keeping her from doing what she loved.

A twist on the throttle catapulted her forwards, out into the unknown emptiness. She loved crossing these wild borderlands between the cities and rural areas where no people lived or worked, road maintenance crews being the only that ever set foot onto these stretches of asphalt.

If she felt like stopping right in the middle of the road with her lights switched off there was a reasonable chance she’d survive, the last time she had seen any other traffic had been close to half an hour ago. Still she settled for a break on the side of the road, slowly rolling to a stop on the loose gravel that offered as much grip as a cube of ice. She managed to stop with the rubber side still down, kicked down the stand, hung her helmet from the bars and got out of the saddle to stretch her aching muscles.

Letting out a sigh Helen stared into the darkness, her eyes fixating on the distant blurbs of light that could be anything from cars to street lights. From her current position not even the city could be seen, making her headlights the brightest light source in miles. A flick of a switch later she was shrouded in darkness, the slight windchill on her face teasing her mind with a sense of fear she had never quite managed to overcome. Instead, she had learned to embrace it, to enjoy the rush it brought to her body and mind in the relative safety of solitude.

Helen leaned against her saddle, staring out into the darkness and waiting for boredom to set in so she could make the rest of the way home before daylight broke.

Instead of boredom she found a strange arousal set in, naugthy thoughts crossing through her mind like little sparks. Helen let out an annoyed sigh, she was always a little disappointed with herself when she wasn’t her usual controlled self.

Why was it that whenever she was alone with just her thoughts they immediately took a turn for the naughty? Food was always somewhere in the back of her mind but before she had to eat she usually had an hour or two of warning time before she desperately needed food. Yet, a moment before she had just wanted to stretch her muscles and now all she could think of was sticking her fingers into herself.

With another annoyed sigh Helen realized there was no fighting the urge now and that she could be glad for the solitude and darkness allowing her to give her body what it needed. She repositioned her feet for better balance and flicked her belt open, the wolf buckle probably looking slightly less hungry than her pussy. With a smile she wondered how long it would take until she was howling to the moon as well before focussing on the task at hand again.

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She loved the feeling of flicking up the jeans button, the short moment of resistance before giving in that equalled hers so well. Her hands were as cold as she was hot by then, only slowly adapting from the cold harsh reality to the warmth they were teasing. She let her left run under her jacket where it crept up to her breasts while her right went on to slowly tease her pussy lips. It always surprised her how her body reacted to its own touch, shivers running through her muscles that didn’t come from the slightly chilly night air.

Helen kept massaging her breasts, wishing for a third hand while she let her right fingers dive into her pussy, twisting them around and trying to push them deeper than her fingers were long. She noticed it had been a long time now since she had last had a proper fuck and that she had to do something against that soon. Maybe one of the mechanics at the shop she brought her bike to for maintenance, they sure looked like they could fuck a chick silly if she needed it. Maybe she would even hit up one of the long lost friends from college, her naked body would likely be enough to reestablish contact for a while until she got bored again.

Suspension and loose ground made the bike shift a little under her weight and left part of her wondering if she was about to tip over, but the bigger part paid no mind to the problem. With her fingers diving deeper into her pussy Helen realized she had to be quick, even her horny mind was starting to become annoyed with herself and if she stopped now she would not recover from that state of mind without a long, hard fuck.

Her moans became more frequent and her movements increasingly erratic as the thoughts in her head drifted into weird directions, merging into new paths that had little to do with reality but all led her to strange places, unfulfilled fantasies with people she had longed for or hated enough to consider violence, it was hard to tell who was which.

One face kept coming in front of her inner eye, Mike who had been the first to see her potential, given her the first few jobs and opened up the world she now lived in, a world and a man her parents had always warned her about. Over time Mike had passed every stage between love and hate and they no longer talked, but if there was one thing she remembered him by it was how well he had been able to clear her mind with his fingers and dick, even with whispers to her ear or presents and memories no sane girl would have cared for.

She wasn’t sure if to love him or hate him for getting her hooked on a life of adrenaline, sex and crime but she had long accepted there was no way back and in moments like this, when she was all alone and vulnerable a certain part of her longed for him, missed the feeling of safety and being cared for in a world that knew no safety or loyalty.

With her fingers gliding into herself each thrust brought her to a different place, different event and one step closer to the orgasm she needed so desperately. Her legs started to shiver and twitch, a pleasant pain jolting through her muscles that made her fingers reach unexpected places, inching her closer and closer until all air seemed to escape her lungs in one swift moment. All thoughts and tension was wiped away, replaced with the clear air of the night filling her lungs that put her straight back into reality.

A reality where she was alone in the dark, still miles from home and tired enough to consider falling asleep at the side of the road.