Creature of the night

Stacy was a creature of the night, a party girl when she was still full of energy and a gloomy beauty full of contrasts once she cooled down and became tired. She was the only person who could bring Daniel to go to a party, to dance and suffer the insanely loud music when he absolutely hated all of that. He wasn’t a fan of clubs, the flashing lights and the depressing loneliness in the faces of everyone around him, but at her side it became something else. A workout after a long day, an extensive foreplay for the sex they never had or needed but with the long talks deep into the night and getting drunk together.

They were neighbors and had first met when she moved in and he had accepted her invitation despite knowing he wasn’t going to enjoy it, then miraculously enjoyed it. For a while he had been really unsure about her, thinking she was probably just allowing him to tag along but eventually it had become clear that despite their differences they liked, even needed each other to stay sane.

Their respective social circles saw less and less of them and her cute face became a frequent sight in his life, hardly something to complain about seeing how sick he had gotten of his friends and colleagues and their meaningless lives.

Considering how well they got along it was surprising they never slept with each other and how little he missed that. Whenever Daniel had been close friends with any women in his past he had eventually ended up in bed with them, but with Stacy he was now closing in on a full year and he had never seen her naked.

He had been perfectly fine with that, there was something more exciting between them and it wasn’t half bad to hold her while they were walking down the street from the club either. For some reason that had suddenly changed though, when she shivered in his arms and moved a little closer even he found his thoughts occupied with images of her body, the perfect curves visible through her tight-fitting jeans and top. For some reason that mental image seemed to walk away from him and he was suddenly overcome with sadness over a missed chance, his grip around her involuntarily tightening.

It wasn’t long to their door anymore and silence had replaced their excited chatter from a minute before, both lost in thought and the cold of winter closing in. They picked up their pace, eager to reach their apartments and catch up on much needed sleep. Daniel keyed the main door open and ushered Stacy inside, missing the touch of her body already. She lived on the first floor, he two above, perfect to be close without getting on each other’s nerves.

„That was fun, thank you for coming with me.“

„Absolutely, have a good night.“ For some reason he felt as if they were saying their final goodbyes and it made him sick to his stomach.

„Good night, see you soon.“

Daniel decided he had to do something. „Actually, I…“ was all he could come up with before he saw that cute, exhausted smile he liked so much distort her face. Then she was back close to him, in his arms with her firm breasts pressing against his chest as if there wasn’t a thick leather jacket between them.

„Yes, me too. I need you tonight, come in.“

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That was all they spoke for the next minutes, but there was no silence with their eyes and lips doing the talking. Part of him wanted to let go of her, undress and get naked already, the rest just wanted to never stop kissing her and looking into those eyes that were so easy to get lost in.

When Stacy moved her hands from his neck down to his shoulders and began taking off his jacket there was a short moment of clarity, all they needed to realize they had no time to go slow anymore. For the shortest moment their hands left each other, just long enough to hurry out of their clothes that found their way down to the floor before Stacy took him by the hand and dragged him into the bedroom. He followed her, his eyes unable to leave her perfect butt cheeks.

Stacy dragged him down with her, her lips finding his while her hand already guided him into her. As soon as he found the tip reach the right point he pushed in, anything but gently and enjoyed her eyes rolling up as a deep sigh escaped her.

As with everything Stacy wasn’t one to ease into things, going straight from cute to slutty and begging him to fuck her, her eyes wild and lust-filled. But those were only passing thoughts in his mind, sticking through the cloud of his own lust and impatience as he thrust into her, deeper than his dick was long and faster than he could handle himself.

There would be a time for a slow second round, but for now it was a race who could come quicker. She seemed to be a step ahead of him, the slurs and begs to fuck her already infrequent and inconsistent, the tight grip she had on his back already growing weaker.

He could see and feel her come more than he heard it, her gaze becoming cross-eyed and her body stiffening up before she fell into shivers and her lungs emptied in a long, barely audible sigh before she sank back into the pillows.

Daniel was close himself, ready to pull out when Stacy lazily opened one eye and seemed to read his mind perfectly again when she whispered: „Just come inside.“ Then her arms went up and around him, pulling him closer as he lost his control, almost his balance as the last thrust he needed made every nerve in his body explode, then his dick as well as he shot his cum deep into her.

He rolled onto his back, exhausted and his mind clearing up he wondered when things had gone downhill so fast. Stacy left him no time to ponder life choices though, already on top of him and resting her head on her palms with her elbows digging into his chest. She looked straight into his eyes with an expression that was new to him, something between friendship and love, exhausted and already ready to go at it again.

The moment he moved under her she smiled at him, grabbing his wrists to lock him in place.

„If you think you‘re getting out of this easily…that was just the beginning.“