Creature of Habit

Some people you just can’t seem to leave behind, even knowing it would be the smart choice. Jody fit that description like a glove, she was one of these chicks that are slightly attractive, slightly crazy and so screwed you’d be better off shutting them off for your own good.

She could get you in trouble just by being around her, she liked to get excessively drunk and then you couldn’t get away from her, super cuddly with a tendency to beg you to fuck her a couple beers into the night.

Not that I had ever been able to resist her, not from the very first night we met and ended up on her couch. Then I was still wary of her and she of me, but it took just a bottle of beer before she snuggled herself into my arm and once she realized I wasn’t exactly pushing her away she pulled me down with her, literally and figuratively. Until then I had never had much access to easy sex, the times I ended up in bed with a chick it was usually hard work and rarely enjoyable in retrospect but she was the first to ever want me as much as I wanted her.

But I never quite managed to feel, I don’t know, safe with her. She was too easy and I’m too paranoid not to see the danger in things that look to good to be true. I expected a secret side of her to break free any moment, or some kind of weird issues poking through her charade for that matter and it took me a couple weeks to realize she was indeed like she acted.

I think we hadn’t seen each other for about a week at that point and frankly I had started to miss her a little, but I had decided it was probably best to stay away for a while. A Friday on my own couch, just some Netflix and maybe a bottle of beer when the door bell went off. Twice, so I went with a sigh and found her standing there, dressed in a cute little skirt with two bottles of beer in her hand.

“Can I come in?”

As much as I had figured it was a good idea to keep Jody out of my life as little resistance did I muster when she was there in front of me and inside my apartment a moment later. There was something about her I hadn’t seen to that day, a vulnerable side that showed as clearly as her sexual side had before and I wanted to hug her more than I wanted to fuck her.

I did actually, a weird motion for me because I usually hate these fake hugs that don’t really mean anything. But the moment I did Jody pressed me against her and just wouldn’t let go of me, then looked at me with so much relief it was hard to stomach.

“I thought I had lost you.”

I looked at her and even though I have grown into a cynic over the years I just couldn’t have been mean to her even if I had tried.

“Why would you even think that?” Well, maybe because I hadn’t messaged her in over a week, duh.

“I don’t know, it’s just something that happens to me all the time, I meet someone and think we get along so well and then they say they need space or whatever and I never see them again.”

That moment I realized she wasn’t faking her upfront behavior, it was part of her personality and people couldn’t handle it just as I struggled with it. Another moment later I noticed that I wanted her to stay, that I loved the chance to give her warmth and friendship. And of course it won’t come as a surprise that I wanted her body, wanted to bury my dick inside her and kiss her lips and play with her hair while she fell asleep.

I guess you could say we both needed each other quite desperately and so we skipped the beer for the time being. I took them off her hands but only to place them on the table before I pulled Jody closer to kiss her forehead, then her lips and soon we lay next to each other on the couch trying to restrain ourselves and stretch it out but unable to do so. I remember I pulled her top off, one of these snug fitting black ones that looked so amazing on her firm breasts and Jody pulled her skirt off and then my sweat pants down. The moment we were naked I was already inside her, knowing full well I wasn’t going to last long.

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With her our mutual lust never really manifested in that rough fucking that feeds from anger, it was always close contact, long hugs and kisses and hungry, but slow sex. We understood each other and neither of us had to prove anything, when I came too quickly she would stay in my arms and cuddle and I was never quite sure if she needed the touch or the orgasm more. On the many occasions when she arrived at my place so hot she came before I had really started we used to joke around, I brushed the hair out of her face all with my dick still inside her and it never took more than a couple minutes before she rode me to the finish line.

I think what I enjoyed most with her was how much we were at ease together, if I came on her stomach she wouldn’t wipe it off, nor would I when we turned around and she dripped all over me. When we were together we were pretty much inseparable and yet neither of us felt overwhelmed by that. Nor did we get bored of each other like I have been with virtually anyone else after a couple hours, we could spend the whole night talking and cuddling.

That night with her in my arms I looked in her eyes while I came into her, all too soon but not even a hint of disappointment or ridicule in her gaze. She understood and with a smile she leaned back, grabbing the bottles from the table.

“Time for a beer?”

That I had, it was good beer no less. I’ve always liked the slightly bitter kind, dark stout being my favorite and knowing that she had picked some craft stuff I honestly forgot the name of. It was great though, just what I needed.

“Do you mind?”, Jody asked and without waiting she started fingering herself without haste while taking sips of beer and looking at me with this open gaze that never lost its appeal for me. She had a great body, soft and fun to dig my fingers into, but not even remotely chubby. Just fluffy where it mattered, a sexy body without drifting into the fashion magazine extreme. Her fingers circled around her pussy, diving inside and her breath became infrequent once more.

I couldn’t stay soft for long watching her like that and was back on top of her in an instant, but again it wasn’t rough but caring, slow and healing wounds neither of us knew we had.

I’ll never quite forget the feel of her breasts, a handful of heaven with that perfect mix of firm and soft, her nipples as hard as her pussy was wet. Or the shivers that passed through her, the way her gaze became a little cross-eyed and the grip around me alternated between too loose and too tight as I inched her closer and closer with each thrust.

And I never got over the way she came, it was so cute that it made me smile like a little cat sneezing and losing its balance over it. The way it wiped the pain from her face and replaced it with a relaxed, wry smile that wouldn’t leave her for the rest of the night.

We were good for each other, in bed as much as in social life. I needed someone to drag me out there in the first place and she needed a safe haven, a person to retreat to when her personality got the better of her and people were confused again. It’s safe to say that I know half my friends because of her.

And since we were already so used to each other’s weaknesses we were the perfect team for all kinds of stupid little adventures, with her I was never really afraid of anything, only exhilarated once we had pulled it off.

But that night neither of us cared much for adventure, the two of us being all we needed to pass time. I remember Jody under me on the couch, my weight pressing her down and my fingers digging into her neck and shoulders until she was tired of moans and sighs and just lay there with her arms and legs spread out and her mouth gasping like a fish on dry land. Her in my arms slowly grinding her pussy over my dick when I was sure it would not get hard again for a week and still was back inside her a moment later.

By the time the first sliver of light showed up on the horizon we finally fell asleep, still locked in each other’s arms and unwilling to trade the couch for a more comfy bed.