The fog lay heavy over the warped forest road, obscuring trees and potholes on the way to the meeting point. It had been ages since Lauren had made the drive out here but she still knew every inch and pebble on the way. Back in the day she’d come up... Read More
Sometimes work was just too much. Honestly it was too much every single day, but Thursdays were the worst. Coming out of the office she decided she wasn’t going to walk back in on Friday, and if her mood didn’t improve over the weekend maybe not ever again. There were... Read More
Freedom meant different things to different people, some equaled it to monetary success and others to power. To Helen nothing was more pure than an empty road at night, asphalt under her wheels and wind creeping through her helmet. Being far past a healthy bedtime, every burden on her mind... Read More
Some people you just can’t seem to leave behind, even knowing it would be the smart choice. Jody fit that description like a glove, she was one of these chicks that are slightly attractive, slightly crazy and so screwed you’d be better off shutting them off for your own good.... Read More
Whenever I look at Julia I wonder where that rule about not sleeping with your roommate comes from. It makes no sense, you are comfortable enough to share a flat, split the bills and see each other day in and day out, that is more than I can say about... Read More
Few things are as beautiful as a late night swim in a forest lake, when the moonlight is all to navigate by and the ground is treacherous as you walk over roots first, then pebbles and ultimately start swimming because your feet lose contact. That silence, the cold water around... Read More
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Relationships grow stale over time, it is almost bound to happen. The few exceptions have other drawbacks, your average Bonny and Clyde might make it a little further but it is a bloody path that doesn’t exactly lead uphill. An open marriage might work for a while, but that grows... Read More
A few years on the job made anyone a cynic, insensitive to the horrors people were willing to inflict upon others. A few more years and each case had been there before. Maybe slightly different details, but the same nonetheless. They lacked the shock factor to keep working days and... Read More
#This is a work-in-progress and not finished! Every death matters, at least that’s what we tell the press. Truth is some just don’t, the homeless burnt to death is a cold case while his remains are still smoldering and two cops breaking up a weapons deal wasn’t going to keep... Read More