I know it does not look like it, but drawing this hand and door knob took me more than thirty minutes. You can tell I ran out of time by the incredibly detailed door in the second frame, but I hope my crude drawings get the point across that a door was opened and shut.

I have to say I greatly enjoy the Comic Draw app on my iPad Pro, while I still prefer to do most of the actual drawing in Procreate Comic Draw is a.ma.zing for lettering and speech bubbles. I mean it, the ease of working with panels, speech bubbles, text and special ‚BLAM‘ effects makes it so worth the purchase and I also love how it lets you bundle pages to a bigger project, planning out many pages in advance with scribbles, annotations and blocked-in speech bubbles. Then once the final drawings are in place I simply adjust the speech bubbles and upload it to my computer from there.

I do however have to say that getting anything off the iPad to a computer is a massive hassle, to the point where I really ask myself what they were smoking when they designed the workflow. The simple task of sharing an image to my Google drive folder is as follows (this is true for any app by the way):

  1. Press three dots, click Share current page / image / whatever
  2. A new window opens, click ‚Send a copy‘ (wtf). This is true for any app, the ‚open in another app‘ just does not work. If I want to download an image from my Google Drive folder I have to create a copy and paste that because open with never works.
  3. Choose Google Drive app
  4. Choose folder (it does not save the last used folder, because why would you?)
  5. Click upload.

This is just such a weird process considering it takes maybe three seconds on Windows, any kind of file handling is just horrible on Macs, iPads and really anything apple. It baffles my mind how seemingly simple tasks become stupidly complicated, but I still love how amazing it feels to actually draw on the iPad. In that regard the apple pencil is simply in another league, even though as I write this other companies are finally starting to break into the market with usable alternatives. I tested the newest surface pro in a store the other day and it was quite good so there is still hope left. That being said I am thoroughly underwhelmed with the Wacom Mobile things, they are heavy, not even that great and dayum are they expensive. You know you did something wrong when an Apple product is the cheaper alternative.


That’s all, thanks for reading this far. (why did you?!)