Finally we are about to get out of this damned warehouse that was so tiring to draw that I didn’t draw it. Backgrounds are getting better from now, but I seriously had no idea how to draw a warehouse inside.

I got a delivery in the mail today, a PaperLike iPad Pro screen protector that I bought more as an experiment after realizing the company is located mere miles from my house.

What can I say, after I found my drawing experience enhanced tenfold by acquiring the iPad in the first place this little thing just doubled it again. Especially accurate drawing of lines has gotten much better and the feel is great, indeed with a slight texture like paper.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s already great without a protector but if you are into drawing I can whole-heartedly recommend the purchase. Lacking any comparison I guess it’s as good as any cover but maybe it’s better, who knows?

I also set up social media accounts so you can follow the comic more easily if you like to: