I’m amazed I got this page finished, I struggled with every single part. One of the lessons I learned was that I could not draw proper shoes if my life depended on it.

However I am quite happy with how the overall page turned out and I love, love the Comic Draw for iPad app that is simply amazing as it allows everything from writing a script over sketching to drawing and lettering all in one app.

Coupled with the apple pen that made a die-hard windows user wet enough to buy a used iPad Pro I have no excuse other than a lack of skill when my drawings don’t turn out like I want them to.

I also set up social media accounts so you can follow the comic more easily if you like to:

As for the story we have caught a glimpse at two characters so far: Serious Crimes Detective Isaak O’Hare and Internal Affairs Lieutenant Stevenson. Neither likes the other and both are a hundred percent certain the other is exactly what’s wrong with the police department.

I’ve begun to really love the orange outlines, originally I only tested them to see if it made a difference but then I liked them so much that I’ll use them all the time now.
I find them to be of similar visual interest like the colour splash effect that I love for pictures like this:


Thanks to whoever left their cans behind for a great picture opportunity. Read more about this at my website www.losingmyconnection.de

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