When I was almost done with this page my iPad battery went flat because the new USB hub I bought apparently can not supply enough power to charge while still using the iPad to draw. Lesson learned and I’m sure glad for autosave.

I don’t know if I already mentioned it but I bought a PaperLike screen protector more like an experiment and am now totally in love with the way it feels. The iPad screen is already pretty nice to draw on without this, but especially sketching feels a lot better with a little bit of texture on the screen.

So all in all life is going on without much interferences and I’ve been able to progress the story script a bit further. In addition I played around with ads on project wonderful with some success but figured I’ll stop promoting until I have enough pages published for new readers to spend some time on my page before I continue to place ads.

In case you want to read more of my work there’s always my second webcomic www.abysmalartist.com with the sort-of-autobiographical struggles of a struggling webcomic artist.

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Thanks for reading, hope to see you back on the next update!