It’s a little hard to believe, but the first proper milestone of ten pages is broken!

I’m also quite happy that some people are already reading the comic even though it’s barely a few days old, I hope you stick along for the ride!

Let me take the chance to say a few things:

Right now I’m so small that I am in desperate need of all exposure I can possibly get and while I try my best to do that myself I need your help. If you share my comics with friends or online you help out an artist in need more than you might think so please do that.

And now a couple things about the story:

I’m probably going to take a while to finish the next page because I need to come up with the two new characters (as well as a major protagonist that will appear in about ten pages). I don’t have the characters drawn right now which I probably should have, but I needed to get started with the comic just to prove myself that I could indeed finish a couple of pages.

I’ve also been busy drawing advertisements banners, I thought you might like them: